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The NextLevel program aims to help the up-and-coming leaders in your company grow and develop new leadership/business skills. We will focus on educational and networking (in-person and virtual) opportunities as we build the program. We will expand the program to include mentor/mentee relationships as it matures. Ensure all your NextLevel Leaders are signed up for the program to receive more information and get the most from the program. 

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NextLevel Participant: Are you an up-and-coming leader in your company? Become a participant of the NextLevel Leadership Program.
NextLevel Advisory Council Member: Become part of the Advisory Council and help develop the NextLevel Leadership Development Program. You'll be asked to participate in a few calls and share your opinion on events and workshop topics. Responsibilities may grow as the program evolves.
NextLevel Leadership Mentor: If you're a current leader in your organization but would like to help shape our industry's NextLevel Leaders - this is the spot for you. The mentorship program will be developed soon, so your responsibilities won't begin immediately.
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