In 2005, BLUE HAWK was established to ensure the survival and growth of independent HVACR wholesalers. The existence of BLUE HAWK allows independent businesses to use their combined purchasing power to attain competitive pricing for the goods and services they use. At a time when the relentless expansion of manufacturer-owned distributor networks and large corporation-owned distributor chains is intensifying, independently owned operations have turned to BLUE HAWK to help level the playing field with these large competitors.

The Members-Owners of BLUE HAWK benefit from far more than purchasing power alone. They benefit from other services available through cooperative membership such as improved marketing channels, public relations, educational and training programs, networking opportunities, sharing of best business practices, and technology support.


Our Mission & Vision

Core Values & Beliefs 

Independent Business

We believe that independent business owners have an important place in America and need to be preserved and protected. We are committed to independent business.

Strength in Community

We believe in strength in community. We create strength by working together.

Golden Rule

We believe that we should treat others as we would want to be treated.

Working as Partners

We view our vendors as partners and believe by helping our Vendor Partners we help ourselves.

Dedication & Drive

We believe that the dedication and drive of individual Members paired with the strength of numbers and community can outperform large corporations in head-to-head competition.

Consistent & Fair

We believe in integrity. We are honest. We honor our commitments. We are consistent and fair.



BLUE HAWK ensures that the independent HVACR distributor, in an environment of consolidation and larger competitors, can compete, thrive, and prosper today and in the future.


To strengthen independent HVACR distributors by combining their purchasing power and partnering with our vendors to guarantee high-quality products, competitive pricing, and mutual profitability.


BLUE HAWK is the only member-owned HVACR distributor cooperative offering diverse industry-leading cost-saving programs and technologies to improve KPIs. We will maintain a transparent model that fosters community and promotes a competitive advantage.