IMARK Group Health Insurance Captive

IMARK Group now has a medical insurance option to provide relief to Members who face ever-increasing healthcare costs. Members of BLUE HAWK, IMARK Electrical, and IMARK Plumbing can now take advantage of the IMARK Group Health Insurance Captive, which is part of the oldest and largest medical captive in the U.S. This captive gives IMARK Group the same purchasing power, claims cost containment, and clout as a Fortune 100 company.

  • Exceptional Employee Benefits
  • Oldest and Largest Medical Captive in the United States
  • Aggregated Purchasing Power for lower overall re-insurance cost
  • Member-Owned, Member-Governed
  • Fortune 100 Cost Containment Programs… (It’s all about the claims – 75% of the healthcare spend is in the claims) 
  • 500,000 lives under management with Pareto Captives
  • Stability – Less Risk in a Captive for a large claim – it’s spread out over the entire membership
  • Best stop-loss contract in the Industry
  • Never a new Laser at renewal
  • Renewal Rate Maximum Guarantees

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